Marina Bakker

Marina Bakker Portrait

Marina Bakker

Managing Director

Freedom from Anxiety online counselling services offer a professional, supportive, caring solution in real time. Marina Bakker, highly experienced and regarded in this area, leads the team of professional counsellors.

Online counseling has become popular over the last few years, as people in need are able to access professional and supportive help anywhere, anytime.  This is an effective tool for helping people to resolve their problems by utilising the benefits of online therapists where the person can connect through social media platforms about their mental health, anxiety, and depression issues. These sessions will help you to overcome anxiety, relationship anxiety, and social anxiety.

If you are unable to travel or leave home, or if you would rather save time and travelling expenses by having counselling in your location then this is an excellent way to get the benefits of counselling wherever you are.

Contact us today and begin living your life free from stress and anxiety. You have to ability to transform your life to wellness.

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